Banana Blueberry Bars

How To Make The World's Most Super Nutritious & Delicious High Protein, Nutrient Dense Protein Bars, Nutrition Bars and Energy Bars

Use the following basic methodology to make Bars

You can vary which mixes you use and add additional ingredients to adjust the nutritional composition to meet your needs.
  • To make it into bars simply spread the mix out into one large mass making it approximately ?-1" thick;
  • Alternately you can use something like the Slice Solutions or Perfect Brownie bake pans;
  • You can dehydrate or bake them (some even keep them raw by placing them in the freezer to set up);
  • If dehydrating, we recommend 118 degrees; it will take 2-4 hours depending on how moist or dry you prefer them to be;
  • If baking, we recommend approx. 300 degrees (lower will work as well and we do prefer it when time isn?t a concern; if you'd prefer a lower baking temperature, simply increase the baking time to suit the texture you'd like your finished bars to be);
  • Once finished dehydrating or baking, simply allow them to cool for at least 20 minutes
  • Slice them into whatever size bars you'd like;
  • Wrap them or place them in seal-tight Tupperware ? style containers for future consumption;
  • Refrigeration will keep them viable for about a week and a half whereas freezing will keep them fresh and edible for many months (although you'll likely eat them long before that).