Gingerbread Bars

How To Make The World's Most Super Nutritious & Delicious High Protein, Nutrient Dense Protein Bars, Nutrition Bars and Energy Bars

Use the following basic methodology to make Bars

You can vary which mixes you use and add additional ingredients to adjust the nutritional composition to meet your needs.
  • To make it into bars simply spread the mix out into one large mass making it approximately ?-1" thick;
  • Alternately you can use something like the Slice Solutions or Perfect Brownie bake pans;
  • You can dehydrate or bake them (some even keep them raw by placing them in the freezer to set up);
  • If dehydrating, we recommend 118 degrees; it will take 2-4 hours depending on how moist or dry you prefer them to be;
  • If baking, we recommend approx. 300 degrees (lower will work as well and we do prefer it when time isn?t a concern; if you'd prefer a lower baking temperature, simply increase the baking time to suit the texture you'd like your finished bars to be);
  • Once finished dehydrating or baking, simply allow them to cool for at least 20 minutes
  • Slice them into whatever size bars you'd like;
  • Wrap them or place them in seal-tight Tupperware ? style containers for future consumption;
  • Refrigeration will keep them viable for about a week and a half whereas freezing will keep them fresh and edible for many months (although you'll likely eat them long before that).

Gingerbread Bars

Follow the above steps using the following ingredients:
2-3+ cups of Gingerbread Superfood Protein Mix;
Alternately you can use either the Naturally Sweetened-Unflavored Superfood Mix plus Gingerbread spices to your taste preference or use the Unsweetened-Unflavored version plus Gingerbread spices, and the sweetener of your choice; You can buy Gingerbread spice already mixed or look up alternative recipes online; we recommend adding 10% total to the amount of dry mix used in the following ratio: Cinnamon 1 part, Ginger 1 part, Nutmeg � part, Allspice � part, and cloves � part.
Optional: to boost protein content add 1 or more scoops of either P3-Paleo Pumpkin Seed Protein or P4-Peak Performance Plant Protein (obviously use the appropriate flavor of either); If Naturally Sweetened-Unflavored or Unsweetened-Unflavored are used, add the appropriate amount of additional spices;
Optional: if you want whatever you�re baking to rise a bit, you can add 1 tablespoon of Baking Powder per cup of SFM used and mix it up before adding other ingredients;
Optional but recommended: 1 � 2 shredded carrots;
Optional but recommended: 1 � 2 finely chopped, mashed, or blended bananas;
Options: Add more shredded coconut, raisins, &/or nuts if desired;
Add approx. 1/8 � � or more teaspoon of salt (sea salt recommended) per cup of mix used depending on your taste preference;
Optional if you�d like to add more slow-burning carbs: � � � cup of oats per cup of mix used (be advised that oats are not Paleo);
Mix it up and then add some water sparingly if needed (often there�s enough moisture from the bananas and carrots depending on how big they are and how many were used): add water just a few ounces at a time and mix to allow it to be absorbed; between � � 1 cup of water will be plenty in most cases;
Mix thoroughly.
The consistency should be that of a relatively thick batter, like a cake mix (see preparation videos on the website);
You may need to add a little more water (1-3 ounces), remember, it�s a lot easier to add water than it is to take it away, so add water just a tiny bit at a time, you can always add more if needed. That�s why we suggested starting with just a few ounces. The biggest mistake most people make is adding too much water which makes if very difficult to get the mix thick enough.
Place on the cookie or baking sheet and follow the general directions as outlined above.
Obviously, there are lots of variations on the above recipes as well as many other ingredients that will work depending on your taste and nutritional preferences. The trick is to first find a combo that you really like and start playing with other variations from there. This helps to satisfy your desire for variety while making sure the key base ingredients and nutrients are being ingested.
Posted by Dr. Max MacCloud DO, ND, PhD