Body Symphony, LLC

3226 Clark Rd.
Sarasota, FL 34231

About Body Symphony LLC:

 Body Symphony was founded by ‘The Nutrition Ninja’ aka Dr. Max MacCloud (DO, ND, PhD) in 2009 to assist in his development, production, and promotion of various health-supporting products.

Over his 40 plus years of clinical practice in the field of Integrative, Functional Medicine, Doc Max has seen and created some extremely interesting concepts and products. Unfortunately, most of those things never really made it to the mainstream which meant that they would only help a tiny fraction of the population.

In 2009 Dr. Max set out on a path to bring some of those ideas & products to a larger audience than his immediate patient base. He chose to enter the very messy and competitive arena of nutritional product development, manufacturing, and promotion. That appeared to be the only viable path to help more people. It’s been a relatively long and circuitous path thus far.

2020 has brought some exciting news. Doc Max has opened a new physical location where he will be providing a variety of innovative health enhancement services and products via a completely unique new approach. The new facility is The Age Reversal Technology Center at 3226 Clark Rd. Sarasota, Florida 34231. For info call 941-328-2462