Iodine-Iodide: Lugol’s Solution

Iodine-Iodide: Lugol’s Solution

We offer both 2.2% & 5% Lugol’s Iodine Solutions.

The 2.2% comes in a 3oz bottle and the 5% in a 1oz bottle (the DEA limits the size that the 5% can be sold in to 1oz.). They are both the same price, Just $19.99.

See below for info re Iodine’s many roles in the body. The first section focuses on some of the major Systemic (or whole body) roles of Iodine. The second one covers some to the top roles body part by body part. As you can see, Iodine is vital for a whole lot more than the thyroid (although that is super important as well).

See Nutrition Facts & Ingredients for each version below.

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