(Phospholipid Liposome-Encapsulated Vitamin C)

LIPO-C (Phospholipid Liposome-Encapsulated Vitamin C)

The Most Potent Vitamin C Supplement Available!

Lipo-C is estimated to be 8-10 times more effective than Intravenous Vit C and 30-50 times more effective than oral Vit C.

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Phospholipid Liposome-Encapsulated Vitamin C

We use Organic Certified Sunflower Lecithin as our Phospholipid source

Liposome encapsulated vitamin C has been estimated to be 8-10 times more effective than IV Vit C. – Thomas Levy, M.D., JD

Developed by 'The Nutrition Ninja Doc', Progressive Physician & Nutrition Expert Dr. Max MacCloud (DO, ND, Ph.D.).


Vitamin C is acknowledged & well-documented to be an extremely important nutrient with many vital functions. It is classified as an essential vitamin but may be better thought of as 'The Stress Hormone." See the write up on the many vital functions of vitamin C for more details. Hundreds of studies have confirmed that it may be needed in amounts MANY times that of the RDA for many of its special benefits. Unfortunately, in higher amounts, there are limitations to absorption that can lead to significant, although not dangerous, gastrointestinal side effects

Many physicians and researchers have used intravenous (IV) Vitamin C to overcome this obstacle for decades, however, this is both inconvenient and expensive. In the 1960s liposomes were discovered. They exist naturally and, in fact, our cell membranes are largely composed of liposome-based structures. A liposome is a sphere formed by two layers of phospholipids that serve both protective & transport functions . A liposome can be used to envelop various substances, thereby protecting them from breakdown by the digestive system and delivering them directly into both the bloodstream and the cells!


Liposome encapsulated vitamin C has been estimated to be 8-10 times more effective than Intravenous (IV) Vitamin C by Dr. Thomas Levy a top vitamin C researcher and author. IV VIT C is considered to be 30-50 times more effective than normal oral vitamin C. Therefore, the theoretical increased cellular delivery & efficacy of liposomal vitamin C is estimated to be over 200 times more than for oral ingestion of regular vitamin C.


Here are some of the most well-documented metabolic functions of vitamin C:

  • Acts as a powerful Antioxidant and also Recharges other Antioxidants;
  • Vital to the formation of healthy collagen which is essential for proper maintenance & repair of virtually all body structures (skin, hair, nails, muscles, organs, bones);
  • Essential for proper immune system functioning;
  • Direct antimicrobial effects (against both bacteria & viruses) with higher dosages;
  • Major detoxificationeffects for virtually every known toxin; Essential for Brain Health, Cardiovascular protection, and Energy production.

Our Lipo-C is produced in small batches via a proprietary liposome creation process developed over three years of experimentation and testing. In addition to providing the benefits of enhanced vitamin C delivery the phospholipids also provide significant benefits.


There are quite a few independent functional benefits of exogenous phospholipids. Our bodies make phospholipids but apparently not as much as we need, therefore, regular consumption of additional or exogenous phospholipids provides numerous benefits. Phospholipids interact with and become incorporated into our cellular membranes extensively, thereby impacting the health of our cells' membranes and various cellular functions as well as intercellular signaling processes and enzymatic activities . Via these mechanisms and others, dietary phospholipids have beneficial effects on:

  • Modulating Inflammation (MANY chronic diseases are associated with excessive, inappropriate inflammation);
  • Modulating/Reducing Chronic Pain; Reduction of Cachexia (pathological loss of body weight);
  • Protection from the negative effects of NSAIDs while enhancing their anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects;
  • GI protection in Ulcerative Colitis;Shown to inhibit tumor formation, growth, and metastasis; Improves blood lipid profiles (lowering total cholesterol, LDL, TGs, and homocysteine, with an increase of HDL and Apo A1);
  • Enhances the transport and delivery of essential fatty acids to the brain which is associated with numerous beneficial brain functions; Increased exogenous Phospholipids are associated with reduced neuronal inflammation (via inhibition of NFkB and MAPK), improved memory & cognition;
  • Enhancement of Immunological function of lymphocytes in older individuals (via restoration of proper cholesterol to phospholipid ratio);
  • Enhancement of Immunological function of macrophages and polymorphonuclear leukocyte phagocytic & killing activity;
  • Significant enhancement of Liver function in numerous types of liver dysfunction including viral hepatitis, ALD, NALD.

Clearly, the combination of Vitamin C with liposome encapsulation AND the Phospholipids used in the process can provide MAJOR benefits for a wide variety of health challenges. We highly recommend trying our new Lipo-C.


We use Organic Certified Sunflower Lecithin as our Phospholipid source



Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*All ingredients used are kosher and Non-GMO, however, we have chosen not to bear the additional expenses of additional costly 'certifications' beyond our Department of Agriculture & Organic Certification processes (Organic cert. by CCOF). Our goal is to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices and focus on internal quality controls and product innovations. Being distracted by additional external 'certification organizations' is not compatible with those goals.

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