4 Versions Available:

Coconut Almond Flavor – Vegan

Coconut Almond Flavor + Egg White Protein (Ovo-Vegetarian)

Chocolate Flavor – Vegan

Chocolate Flavor + Egg White Protein (Ovo-Vegetarian)

Low-Carb, Keto-Diet Supporting Superfood Macaroon Mix:

The  World’s First & Only Superfood Macaroon Mix

(Paleo, Gluten-Free with Vegan & Ovo-Veg Options)

This is another completely unique product that has a base of organic pumpkin seed protein plus whole pumpkin seeds, shredded coconut, coconut flour, natural non-caloric sweeteners & natural flavoring.

It was originally developed to make super-nutritious & delicious, ultra-low carb macaroons to support healthy snacking and ketogenic diets including Intermittent Modified Fasts. Turns out the mix is more versatile than that as it also makes great cookies, pancakes, smoothies, and more.

It comes in 4 variations: Vegan Coconut Almond or Chocolate; Ovo-Vegetarian Coconut Almond or Chocolate (contains added egg white protein for those who eat eggs and want more protein).

Low-Carb Healthy Snacking Made Easy!

Most people snack from time to time (some do it ALL the time), don’t let it be a negative thing when you can make it a positive, healthy thing. Just spend about 10-15 minutes one day every week or two and make up a batch of our delicious & nutritious Superfood Macaroons. Then you’ll have some of these amazing macaroons to enjoy whenever you want them or need to ally appetite or hunger.

Intermittent Modified Fasting is become recognized as one of the best long-term healthy ways to manage one’s weight. When you understand evolution and the fact that it is only in the past several decades that food has been so plentiful, you’ll begin to realize that the standard three meals a day regimen is not natural (or healthy). Our macaroons provide a healthy, low-carb way to keep your energy up while staying in the fat-burning zone.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… There’s nothing else like this product on the market.

MacMix Coconut Almond-Vegan

Coconut Almond – Vegan

Low-Carb Superfood Macaroon Mix

Coconut Almond + Egg White Protein

Low-Carb Superfood Macaroon Mix

Chocolate Flavor – Vegan

Low-Carb Superfood Macaroon Mix

Chocolate + Egg White Protein

Low-Carb Superfood Macaroon Mix