Carbon 60 in Pumpkin Seed Oil

  Possibly The Biggest Health Breakthrough In Our Lifetime!

 A Super-, Super-Detoxifier, & Adaptogen…

 Carbon 60 AKA/Buckminster Fullerene Bucky Ball:

 Discovered in 1985; Nobel Prize- Chemistry 1996;

 Then it STUNNED the scientific world in 2012.

 In 2012 researchers from the Univesity of South Paris published the results of the first toxicity study performed on C60. The shocking thing about it was that is was a COMPLETE failure because it FAILED to kill the rats.

 A toxicity study, also called an “LD50” study is designed to find the lethal dose of a given substance. Instead of killing the rats, C60 DOUBLED their lifespan!

 All life on this planet is CARBON-based. Carbon 60 is simply a recently discovered form of carbon consisting of 60 carbon atoms shaped like a hollow soccer ball.

  This is unique structure appears to be responsible for many of its unique properties.

  It has existed for eons and may actually be what composes “DARK” matter.

  Extensive research on it has led to the identification of over 1,000 new substances and over 100 patents issued so far.

 It has potential uses in many industries including medicine, however, it will likely take another 10-20+ years for it to actually get into widespread use through “conventional” sources.

 Thousands of people (and their pets) are already using it and many report exceptional results with ZERO negative side-effects. The University of S. Paris study confirmed its safety and potential health & life-extension benefits.

In the Paris study, the C60 was suspended in olive oil. ours is suspended in organic, cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil. All of our research indicates that this is a significantly better carrier oil to use.

  Potential Beneficial Uses:

A Super-Antioxidant & Antioxidant Catalyst* that works at multiple levels of the antioxidant cascade. It is the strongest antioxidant yet discovered. Note, antioxidants work as a team, so keep taking the others.

A Cellular & Whole-Body Super-Detoxifier.* Like other forms of carbon/charcoal that have been used as a detoxifier for thousands of years, C60 has the added benefit of being able to go virtually everywhere. Charcoal is limited to the GI tract.

An Adaptogen* due to the above functions which impact multiple organs, systems, and the body as a whole.

Carbon 60 is a naturally-occuring form of carbon. It is not a food or a drug 

No claims can be or are being made for it. Reported benefits vary greatly. Those who are already healthy are less likely to “notice” any changes although it will still be performing its antioxidant & detoxification functions.

Please note: This is a substance that should ideally be consumed long-term by those who are serious about their health and are committed to optimum health, healthy aging, and maximum longevity. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.