Superfood Protein Mix

A healthy plant-based protein powder mix for vegans (and non-vegans) that you can eat right out of the container made from organic pumpkin seeds we personally cold press daily in our Sarasota, Florida facility

a snack . . . a meal . . .a baking foundation

Superfood Protein Powder Mix

Skake it, Bake it or Eat it Raw

5 Flavors

23.8 oz Tub
15 Servings

30 oz Bag

7 lb Bag

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“The Raw Power Superfood Mix is the best tasting, healthiest product I have ever used. I love that it is raw and so easy to digest. All the ingredientsare healthy and good for the body, unlike many other products I have seen. Love it!”


“I heard a lot about this product, so I ordered the 7lb tub. Was so excited to try it when it arrived I opened it up as soon as I got it, wow what asurprise that was! Haven’t seen a protein powder mix like it! It tastes awesome and I fee so much better. Even my girlfriend is addicted to it! Now I go t to get more, lol . . . ”

Aloha! - Mark

“Last week I found this product at a local health food store. It was new for me. Something clicked inside me that this was Something SPECIAL and I purchasd the Brownie flavor.

I have used protein powder supplements for over 20 years as an athlete. This is far and above all of them to me. I eat it like Muesli with a spoon most of the time.

As a gluten/dairy-free vegetarian, this is a fantastic option giving plant based proteins, fats and other essential nutrients. The versatility for other recipes will be an advantage. COOKIES!!!

Eating Superfood Mix as my meal EVERY day - Jeanne E.

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