Dessert Ideas: Frozen Desserts, Brownies, Blondies, Bites, Cupcakes & Muffins:

For Super-Healthy High Protein Ice Cream-like Frozen Deserts: Simply take any of the Smoothie recipes and either put the mixture into an ice cream maker or simply put it into the freezer until it chills and firms up to the desired texture.

Ice Pops: Simply take your favorite Superfood Smoothie and pour it into ice pop trays and freeze.

New Frozen Dessert Recipe! This has become my favorite way to make my frozen dessert using a food processor.

  • Start with just a little liquid, you may need to add more later, but just start with a few ounces (this helps it to mix cleanly, not cake on the sides, or get jammed up)
  • Add the appropriate amount of superfood mix depending on the amount you’d like to make (add P3 or P4 (to boost the protein even more).
  • Add the frozen fruit of your choice and alternate pulsing the food processor until you get it to start mixing well, then let it run for a bit (30-60 seconds);
  • Option: Add several scoops of yogurt (I prefer unflavored Greek yogurt); Alternately, Vegans can use cold-milled flax or chia seeds to help add more of a creamy texture…although it’s also great without.
  • Play around with the amount of mix, protein, yogurt & frozen fruit until you find your favorite ratios. If done right, you’ll have some delicious soft-serve frozen dessert to enjoy right away. Take anything remaining and place in Tupperware containers and put them in the freezer.

Brownies or Blondies (Blondies are basically Brownies but without Cacao so it is lighter in color and a different flavor):





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