How To Make Great Tasting Healthy Meatless Burgers

To Make Burgers:

Burgers: Make the World’s Most Super-Nutritious & Delicious High-Protein, Nutrient-Dense Burgers!

  • Burgers may just be the most “American” food on the planet. Of course there are HUGE problems associated with real hamburgers including serious health, ethical and environmental concerns. Many health-conscious individuals who also enjoyed the hamburger experience have shifted to various veggie burgers. There are a number of different versions on the market made from things like soy, wheat, beans, etc., now there’s a version that you can make out of Superfoods!
  • Making Superfood burgers is very similar to making Superfood Bites, Cookies, Brownies, Blondies, Bread, Cake, Muffins, etc. It is probably closest to making a combination of Cookies and Pancakes.
  • Simply mix Superfood Protein Mix &/or Superfood Macaroon Mix with water to form a nice thick batter;
  • Use a large scoop or your hands to form a round ball or blob of the resulting mix and place it on a piece of parchment paper, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or a silicone pad on a firm surface;
  • Flatten the ball or blob out using your hand, a spatula, or a plate;
  • Use a utensil or your hands to even out the edges and pack them in slightly (basically the same way you’d make a burger from ground meat);
  • Allow the patty to sit for several minutes so the fiber will absorb the moisture causing the patty will firm up;
  • Place the patty in a pan, on a griddle or a grill and heat it as you would any burger;
  • Remember that there’s no need to cook it all the way through, in fact we recommend that you just brown the surface and warm it up;
  • Alternately you can bake, broil or dehydrate the Superfood Burger; Baking or broiling times will vary but at 300 degrees it will take about 10-15 minutes to bake whereas dehydrating will take about 2-4 hours depending on how moist or dry you want it to be;
  • Avoid overcooking as it will dry it out like any other food;
  • When ready, add whatever accoutrements that you like on hamburgers to your Superfood Burger.
  • Be sure to use butter, oil, or cooking spray on the pan surfaces to keep it from sticking.

Burger Recipes:

  • Follow the above steps using the following ingredients:
  • 2-3+ cups of either Naturally Sweetened-Unflavored or Unsweetened-Unflavored Superfood Protein Mix (Superfood Macaroon Mix also works great for burgers, however, there are no unflavored versions (so you’ll likely choose a Coconut Almond Burger if you go that route).
  • The Unflavored versions allow you to shift to the savory flavors (unlike virtually every other recipe we have which tend toward sweeter items);
  • Optional: boost protein by adding a scoop of P3 or P4 per cup of mix used (obviously one of the unflavored will work best if you’re going to go savory); another option to boost protein is to add one or more eggs to the mix (for those that eat eggs);
  • Optional and recommended: Add ½ – 1 shredded carrot per cup of CMM:SF+P used;
  • Optional and recommended: Add ½ – 1 shredded zucchini per cup of CMM:SF+P used;
  • Another Option if you’d like to add more slow-burning carbs: ¼ – ½ cup of oats per cup of mix used (be advised that oats are not Paleo);
  • Seasoning: Add your favorite savory seasonings to the mix;
  • Mix thoroughly adding just enough water to allow you to mix it into a thick paste-like dough;
  • Form burgers per the guidelines above;
  • Grill, Griddle, Fry, Bake, Broil, or Dehydrate depending on your preference;
  • Add whatever additional accoutrements that you’d like (sliced tomato, spinach, lettuce, onions, mustard, ketchup, pickles, etc.) and enjoy;
  • As with any burger you can simply eat it as is on a plate, on a bed of salad or veggies, or on a bun.